In order to play, you need OTClient, or an compatible IP changer and an old Tibia client (for 8.6 protocol).

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How to connect and play using OT Client:

Photo showing OTClient configuration to connect to acidsot.
  1. Make sure you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable drivers.
  2. Download and extract OTClient 1.4.2 AcidsOT Edition to an empty folder. (dont run it inside zip file).
  3. Run otclient.exe to start the client.
  4. In the Server box, type in:
  5. In the Client Version checklist, select: 860
  6. In the Port box, type in: 7171
  7. You should now be able to connect to the game after you type in your username and password.

The OTClient is developed and maintained in the open source mehah/otclient repository, which has significant performance improvements over other OTClient versions.

How to connect and play using cip client:

  1. Download and install the 8.6 tibia client if you havent already.
  2. Download and run the IP changer.
  3. In the IP changer, change Client Path to the tibia.exe file where you installed the client.
  4. In the IP changer, write this in the IP field:
  5. Now you can successfully login on the tibia client and play clicking on Apply.

Use Linux? Download Tibia client 8.6 for linux HERE.

Alternatively compile OTClient for Linux or Mac OSX: Compiling on Linux, Compiling on Mac OS X

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